Raghuram Rajan: The Hesitant Memoirist

Siddharth Singh

Indian officials have always been cautious autobiographers. So is Raghuram Rajan

Open Diary

The London attack, the jargonised prose of academia and the Ireland’s new Prime Minister

Anita Ratnam: The World’s a Stage

The pressure to give up is high but dancer Anita Ratnam continues to use academia and artistry to raise the bar

Reversing the Gaze

India needs a non-JNU—but not based in Delhi please

Rohan Narayana Murty: Classic Cool

He promotes scholarship and wears his privilege with a deep sense of responsibility

Mahan Mj: God’s Geometer

He has one foot in the spiritual world as a Ramakrishna Mission monk and another in Mathematics

Jonardon Ganeri: Wisdom of the East

Ganeri deserves credit for familiarising the world with various facets of Indian philosophy

C Raja Mohan: World Connection

Over time, he has emerged as one of India's top strategic experts who could inspire a shift from the status quo

William Dalrymple: Living in the Past

Few people carry gravitas and mirth in equal measure. William Dalrymple is one of those exceptions

“The fog of social elitism has lifted from St Stephen’s”

St Stephen’s Principal Valson Thampu speaks to Sonali Acharjee on the past, present and future of the college


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