The Absent Context

Madhavankutty Pillai

Shazia Ilmi and the perils of the hidden camera

Urgency of the Alternative

What does an AAP candidate say about Indian democracy?

The Amateur’s Day Out

India today is not the ideal place for a revolution, no matter what hallucinations propel Arvind Kejriwal.

After the AAPocalypse

On Planet Kejriwal, martyrdom, no matter however stage- managed, is a prerequisite for further growth

The Last Day in the Life of the AAP Regime

Mihir Srivastava chronicles the last gasps of a government that promised to be different but ended up in a mess

The Paradox of Power

Kejriwal may have lost some goodwill, but remains clear about AAP’s electoral strategy

AAP: High on Hype?

A reality check for all those who are gung-ho about this new party’s all-India prospects

So, Do You Need Modi?

The arrival of Arvind Kejriwal eliminates the need for the urban educated middle-class to negotiate a compromise with its own values

Why AAP Will Find the Going Tough in Mumbai

Unlike Delhi, Maharashtra has several strong regional parties that command huge support. And Kejriwal’s old friend Anna Hazare is not a big fan of the AAP either

The Man They Did Not Get

Why the pundits got Kejriwal wrong


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