Raghav Chadha’s Post Wedding “Blues”

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The Limits of Alternatives

The problem with INDIA is that, the corniness of the invocation apart, their collective mind is too small to contain the real India

Congress Silence

Despite the clamour of AAP supporters and the anti-BJP quarters, Congress has refused to rise to the bait. At least so far

Will Supreme Court’s Pill for Delhi Work?

On current evidence, it seems unlikely that the Supreme Court order will improve the capital’s governance.

AAP: The Reckoning

The arrest of Manish Sisodia is AAP’s biggest challenge yet, with a fierce political and legal battle now engulfing the party’s home fort of Delhi

The Arrest of Manish Sisodia

If the liquor policy was so good, why was it so hurriedly withdrawn once the charges surfaced?

AAP: The Deflated Challenger

Kejriwal’s AAP relies more on hype and underperforms

Planning Smart

Looking for ways to beatincumbency, caste mobilisation and organisational rejigs seem to be part of BJP’s strategy

The Limits of the Anti-Modi Plank

Narendra Modi and BJP are in a much stronger position today than in the run-up to 2019 as they head for state elections that will begin the contest for 2024


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