2014 elections

The Ghats are Alive

Mihir Srivastava

Talking Modi by the Ganga

Pilgrim’s Progress

Hinduism’s holiest destination has become Indian politics’ hottest dateline which will test the faith and tenacity of the man around whom the arguments about our national destiny swirl. A report on the political symbolism of Varanasi

The Amateur’s Day Out

India today is not the ideal place for a revolution, no matter what hallucinations propel Arvind Kejriwal.

Election Symbols

Two parties can share the same symbol, provided that they are not contesting against each other

The Burden of Freedom

Tibetans in India are caught between the right to vote and their commitment to the cause. Is it hypocritical?

Ruling Air Waves

Why campaigners prefer helicopters

Bet and Better

Mihir Srivastava ventures into the clandestine satta bazaar, a political betting market where the stakes are as high as $2.5 billion. And guess who’s a safe bet?

This Uprising will not be Televised

There is more to this election than Modi and Rahul

Ballot Virgins

They talk development on college campuses

History Strikes Back

Is it payback time in the Hindi heartland?


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