2014 elections

Prisoner of Politics

Madhavankutty Pillai

Kejriwal and the joy of going to jail

Give up or gear up

Faced with an unforgiving India and a redundant leadership, does Rahul Gandhi have any other choice?

What women want from Narendra Modi

Let there be an end to the politics of the second sex

On a magic carpet in Varanasi

Now that the election is done and dusted, hot flushes will give way to quieter thoughts. Some will ask: “Have we chosen wisely?”

Aggression of the ascetic

Deconstructing Modi’s semiotic war: Is it the end of Nehruvian India?

‘Although I have worked in Delhi, I have never belonged there’

The morning I got a call from the Chief Minister’s office in Gandhinagar

Modi could be the One

India, hurt and humiliated, needs more than a no-nonsensical administrator answerable to the people

Look who’s romancing the autocrat

Think before you dismiss those who see the intimations of fascism as alarmists

The Light of Benares

Modi, if he is to bring profound change, must not go the Erdogan or Rajapaksa route. Because the conditions for the emergence of that kind of leader do exist in India

Tweet for tat

This election has seen leaders slug it out on social media like never before. Clever parodists and faceless trolls too were at play


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