2014 elections

Power Shift in Gangster Land

S Hussain Zaidi

Once the Mumbai don took refuge in Uttar Pradesh after a hit job. Today it is the criminal politicians of UP who use use Mumbai as a safe house. S Hussain Zaidi, India’s foremost chronicler of the Underworld, writes on the new balance of power in the ever-expanding mafia world

Survival of the Savviest

Elections in the Age of Data Power

The Enduring Mystique of Naveen Patnaik

As the Odisha Chief Minister is all set for a fourth term, Ullekh NP, travelling across the state, finds out why one of India’s suavest politicians is the smartest as well

There’s No Silence Louder than Rahul in Benares

The enigma that is Rahul Gandhi has proved too inscrutable for the people of Benares. No one has a word to say about him, not even a harsh word

A Bad Joke and a Holy Pledge

When was the last time anyone heard Nationalist Congress Party Chief Sharad Pawar crack a joke? Now we know why.

Last Man Standing

SV Raju keeps the flame alive of the long dead Swatantra Party

Is it a Wave or a Whirl?

In the hinterland of Haryana, it’s a mix of caste and cult

Terminal Illness

Congress performance in three milestone Lok Sabha elections

Philosopher In Modi’s Durbar

The BJP’s prime ministerial candidate acquires a great communicator

It Was a Faith Accompli

Varanasi for Modi was chosen nine months ago. The inside story of how the House of Saffron took its boldest decision.


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