The Return of Rafa

Akshay Sawai

The greatest never-give-upper in contemporary sport is back at his best

The Zen of Weightlifting

Why it is more about the mind than body

The Redemption of Dhoni

The captain’s momentous innings drove away the demons of his recent past

The Slang of Mumbai Cricket

Mumbai recently won a record 40th Ranji Trophy title. And their glossary of cricketing terms remains as colourful as ever

The Law Can’t Win

Every day, the labs find new substances to dodge existing dope tests. Can WADA do any better than playing catch-up?

The Exposure Trick

Indian hockey may be on the cusp of a renaissance thanks to the new League

Who Watches Women’s Cricket?

About those who came to see the Women’s World Cup

First Round Flameout

Why Li Na made it and Sania Mirza didn’t

Allow tennis players more challenges

Players should not have the ‘challenges remaining’ sword dangling over their heads

Life of Sachin

The cricketing Pi has reached ashore


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