The Ayodhya Issue


19 Nov, 2020 - 25 Nov, 2020
Vol 11 | Issue


The Day of the Demolition

Virendra Kapoor

Why December 6, 1992 was the ‘saddest day’ for the BJP leadership

The Delhi Entitlement Syndrome

Anil Dharker

Overseas writers are not as demanding as Indian ones, especially the ones in north India

Ramayana 2019: The Restoration of a God

S Prasannarajan

It’s a tragedy of our times that it took the highest court of India to bring peace between India’s present and its cultural past

Rama: A Remarkable Hero


Learning from Rama in the wake of the Ayodhya judgment

The Spirit of New India

Swapan Dasgupta

When the grand Ram temple is finally built on the site reclaimed from an invading army, the restoration of national sovereignty—the essence of the struggle for independence—would have been completed

Challenging the Tyranny of Reputations

PR Ramesh

The Supreme Court judgment will accelerate the decolonisation of the Indian mind. An alternative narrative has come to dominate and influence the national mood

The Eternity of the Deity

J Sai Deepak

The court has looked at a concept deeply rooted in the spiritual traditions of this land through the prism of English and Roman law

A Chariot in History

Kanchan Gupta

At a brainstorming session Pramod Mahajan came up with the idea of a nationwide grand yatra, Narendra Modi concurred and that was the beginning of the Ram Rath Yatra, catapulting the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute on the national scene with LK Advani emerging as the face of Hindu aspirations

For God’s Sake

MJ Akbar

Pilgrimage to the birthplace of the Lord is an elemental journey in every relevant religion. The Supreme Court, by adjudicating on the legality of the deity and granting an unfettered right to the deity’s birthplace, has created space for India to move on

‘Left Historians Misled Indian Muslims on Ayodhya’

Rahul Pandita

“Hindu-Muslim relations over Ayodhya would not have deteriorated to this point if the left historians had not misled and misguided the Muslim group,” says historian Meenakshi Jain

Ram’s Ghar Wapsi

Makarand R Paranjape

Go to any museum or temple in India. Not one murti or figure from premodern India survives without disfiguration. If there is one, then the only explanation will be that it somehow escaped Muslim marauders

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