FIFA World Cup 2018

Golden Bleus

Aditya Iyer in Russia

The many shades of France during their World Cup-winning run

Under the Chequered Flag

Croatia's fairytale World Cup campaign ends with broken hearts

Tennis in the Time of Football Fever

Even on break day in Moscow, World Cup reruns score over Wimbledon semi-finals

Curtain Call in Kazan

Aditya Iyer writes from the city where Muscovites come to smile

Shot Through the Heart

There is no greater humiliation than scoring an own goal. In the very first week of the World Cup, as many as five footballers have suffered it

Putin’s Footie and El Diego

The most domineering strongman of the day badly needed a mood booster. The Russian president has one in the FIFA World Cup

The Last Glory

A game in history and the tradition of defeat in Russia

Two Stars and a Constellation

In the end, it’s all about two geniuses and one superteam. Nothing else

Big Bear Hug

The pain and pleasure of hosting the greatest game on earth. A report from Moscow

Golden Feet

32 Teams. 32 Stars


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