Not Cow, But Bull Slaughter

Murad Ali Baig

It is the males of the species that are threatened

Sorry, Modi is Not One of Them

Modi is not an Erdogan or a Putin and thank God for that

The Road Soberly Taken

Curious fallouts of the liquor ban around highways

Mumbai Notebook

Mumbai's famous landmarks -  Kemp’s Corner, Kala Ghoda and Opera House


Delhi Municipal elections, celebrity Rajya Sabha members and Gymkhana Club membership

Pity the Anachronism

Between cultivated bravado and humiliation, the story of Ravindra Gaikwad

My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves

The Goa of Hindi cinema is India’s internal exotica

Open Diary

Media as the BJP's only opposition, David Goodhart's new book and a visit to Pakistan

The Body Politics of Taste

What our ancestors ate continues to influence our palate


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