Lost & Found Histories

The Wandering Ram

Ranjit Hoskote

The travelling Ramayana is a metaphor for Indian culture at its finest

Sculptural Fictions

A meditation on Mahabalipuram

The Travels of a Deity

How a Krishna sect in Rajasthan bridges multiple divides

A River Runs through It

Coursing along India’s riparian culture

Wajid Ali Shah: The Royal Yogi of Lucknow

A Nawab’s syncretism finds expression in his art

Landmarks of Confession

India’s traditional architecture made amends for its violations of nature

The Fifth Gospel

A forgotten biography of Jesus that was written for Akbar

Pilgrimage Paradigm

The relationship between the secular everyday and the sacred perennial

Lost in Transition

‘Riti Kaal’ is that splendid period in Hindi poetry that no one wants to claim


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