Chennai, I Love You

RS Prasanna

Actor Kamal Haasan is set to produce 30 defining short films on the city


What a horror! This has to be the lowest point in RGV’s cinematic career

Untidy Love

An action-packed narrative of marriage, divorce, family pressure and clever manipulation on all sides, of tears and words followed by hugs and kisses.

Love Aaj Kal

A good old-fashioned love story from director Imtiaz Ali that will actually seduce you

The Homecoming

Waves of revealing nostalgia wash over the filmmaker as he visits his school, the only home he knew in his childhood, for its centennial.


The movie fails to cash in on its full comic potential because it pretends to be serious. Danny comes good though

Collateral Damage, You Say?

What the inexorable march towards the creation of a global village is leaving in its wake.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Teen hormones create more havoc in this film than the evil Lord Voldemort

Virtual Terror, Real Animation

A desktop movie made on a shoe-string budget draws international attention to the surprise of its makers

Morning Walk

A fair plot but the problem with the film is entirely to do with the performances


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