What’s Your Raashee?

Ajit Duara

Ashutosh Gowariker’s latest film, on the business of buying and selling brides, is surprisingly atavistic and insensitive.

Dil Bole Hadippa

A Lagaan wannabe, without the spunk. Watch it, if at all, for the latest heartbreak kid Shahid Kapur


Pixar’s latest film on the loneliness of old age is certainly no fairytale. But it gives us high quality animation, yet again

Only Famous

South Indian actor Prakash Raj has just won his fourth National Award. But his struggle as an artiste is far from over, he says.

I Can’t Think Straight

Except for the great kissing scenes, this ‘coming out’ movie takes too straight a turn.


It’s ironical enough to have Bollywood make a film on plagiarism. This film also betrays its lack of conscience about it.

The Angry Generation

The Censor Board has certified Kannada cinema as the most violent in India. The industry, too, is taking quite a beating for it

Quick Gun Murugun

The crusader of the dosa is back. And mind it, you will not have tasted a chutney mix like this before


Into the valley of Kashmir rides another confused tale of lost childhood that offers no insight into real issues


Vishal Bhardwaj pulls off a Guy Ritchie. Wear your seat belt and prepare for the ride of your life


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