Basa fish: The Day of the Ordinary

Lhendup G Bhutia

A bland fish from Vietnam has taken over Indian menus

The Alcohol Muddle in Kerala

Despite judicial approval for the state’s liquor policy, the jury is still out on its efficacy

Pakistan As A Distraction

Instead of going on a wild goose chase for peace with a prickly neighbour, India would be better off focusing squarely on economic growth

In Defence of Walled Gardens

On the opposition to Free Basics in the name of the poor

To An Anonymous German Critic

It isn’t necessary for a critic to watch something with an entire Indian glossary in her head. Sringara, who? And what is the use of speaking of context? Why should you know anything about the history of Dasiattam and devadasis in South India?

The Half Boyfriend

Playing It Safe • The Reckless Diva

Being a Conservative

Reconciling the eternal India with the changing India

DNA Is Destiny

A genetic history of Indian ancestry

India Through Slogans

The political art of mesmerising the mass mind with minimum usage of words

New Year Issue: Editor’s Note

A celebration of storytelling


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