Rolling Boulders

Sandipan Deb

There’s this part of me that you can pin on Albert Camus

The Next Gorbachev?

There’s something tragic about Buddhadeb having to preside over the decline of the Left in West Bengal

Why the Umbrella Does Not Evolve

The umbrella, with its two conflicting properties—obsolete and enduring—has an important question for us. Why must something evolve at all?

Something’s Lurking in the Dark

The doorbell went berserk after midnight at Manmathababu’s apartment, but whenever they looked through the spyhole, they saw nobody...

What the Left has Lost

The Communists have come in for opprobrium, not because of the middle class’ aspirations, but because they have devalued their own worth

Writ of the Moving Hand

What is it about fiction that sends us recoiling towards poetry?

Delta Difference

If it’s tricks they have up their sleeves, it’s the Bangladeshi diaspora

Art of Living Politically Well

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is the latest phenomenon in Indian politics. His brand of spirituality doesn’t cater to the mass market, as Baba Ramdev’s does

Seeing through Maths

Equations that claimed to predict human behaviour are blamed for Wall Street’s destruction. Increasingly, it seems, there is something naïve about maths

Memories of a Movement

A generation of middle-class boys who grew up in Madras learnt something curious from the Sri Lankan refugees: that there is such a thing called ‘a cause’


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