World War II

Who Killed Swaraj?

Aseem Shrivastava

The fallacy of the development doctrine

Regaining a Little Bit of India

The liberation of Mosul redeems a piece of history

An Idea Under Siege

The weakening of Western hegemony and the crisis of liberal democracy

May Be a Wounded Lion

The ideal day after June 8th: A new Theresa May and a new Labour

The Spy Who Came From the Cold

The story of Bhagat Ram Talwar is a valuable addition to the literature on intelligence operations

Open Diary

We don’t always need to glorify the past

Rani of Jhansi Regiment: Sisters in Arms

The little known, and thoroughly fascinating, truth about the Rani of Jhansi Regiment

The Beauty of Disruption

Where East and West look hard and longingly at one another

The Forgotten Battle

Restoring the battle of Imphal to its rightful place in the history of World War II

Post-Brexit UK: The Eternal Battle

Memories of futile heroism and the politics of reckless morality in post-Brexit UK


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