Being America Devi

Dhirendra K. Jha

The amazing story of a feisty leader of the downtrodden in Bihar who procured fair wages, water and micro-finance for her fellow Dalits. She also looks into her husband’s eyes while talking to him

Home Is Where The Art Is

A bunch of smart women artists in the Capital are turning their homes into spaces to display their art. And raking in the moolah, all from the comfort of their homes

The Anxious Male

The democratisation of the sexes is threatening the man’s sense of security like never before. And he is not coping very well. Ask the ladies.

The Many Perceptions of Rape

Doctors are surprised if the victim co-operates with them, for policemen wives cannot be raped by husbands, the defence tries to prove that the victim is a major because anyone over 16 is thought to have given consent, judges worry about marital prospects of victims…everyone expects this crime to fit into their picture

Veil of Vulnerability

Radhika Shaikh, a Hindu, teaches orthodox Muslim women the art of self defence.

Tank Tops in the Islamic World

Istanbul and the deceit of female modernity

What Ails Women

An alarmingly large number of urban Indian women are reporting a similar set of ailments. What’s up?

I Can’t Think Straight

Except for the great kissing scenes, this ‘coming out’ movie takes too straight a turn.

Inconvenient Martyr

That a headscarf can cost someone her life is disturbing enough. That the world media looked the other way is worse

Give My Body Back

A new mother recounts the invasion of her body, the birth of the stranger and how there seems to be no respect for her breasts anymore


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