Hair-Rising in Tehran

Deepika Saraswat

Iranians are striving for an ‘ordinary life’, not a ‘heaven’ that is forced from within or without

Astral Bodies and Dancing Trees

Chitra Ganesh’s drawings and murals reimagine femininity, sexuality and power

Betting on Growth

There’s a clear shift in the balance between empowerment and entitlement in favour of the former with a commensurate increase in capital expenditure

A Continuing Indignity

A survey of Muslim women reveals the toll of polygamy and makes a case for making it illegal like triple talaq

The Wonder Women of Malabar

Guess who are learning the ancient martial art form Kalaripayattu in Kerala

Mapping Women’s Anger

The importance of righteous rage, from the ancient epics to the revolutions of today

The Generation Slap

What makes an orthodoxy like Iran disband the morality police

Gone Girl

The recent news of the sale of girls in Rajasthan has made ripples as far as New Delhi. Why is it still happening?

Out of the Veil in Iran

Iran’s youth have been reeling under an economy marred by decades of US sanctions, corruption and the pandemic. The attempts to tighten the noose on social freedoms and the state’s heavy-handedness have therefore invited an almost instant and massive pushback

Conjugal Justice

Five years after instant triple talaq was declared unconstitutional, many Muslim women now seek a ban on other unequal practices


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