Daughter India

Kaveree Bamzai

The onscreen female soldier is married to the nation and will stop at nothing to defend the flag

A Dirty Secret

The Burakumin caste’s history busts the myth of Japanese social harmony

The Chak De Girls

The women’s hockey team lifts the Asian Champions Trophy against all odds

Ladies of the Land

Celebrating women who have pioneered research and conservation

Bhumi Pednekar: Sex Appeal

In her new movie, Bhumi Pednekar is a cosmopolitan singleton in search of pleasure. She tells Kaveree Bamzai why she wants to represent women in all their ambition

Claudia Goldin: Explorer of the Gender Gap

The Nobel laureate in economics tracked the changing fortunes of women in the workplace

No Full Stops for Modi

Instead of giving himself what would have been a well-deserved break, Modi immediately attended public events that included a visit to BJP’s headquarters

Speech and Silence

Women in a village ask questions on faith and belief

Revathi: Grace and Grit

Over four decades, Revathi has acted and directed in films which put women first. She now returns as a vampire slayer in a new web series

Hair-Rising in Tehran

Iranians are striving for an ‘ordinary life’, not a ‘heaven’ that is forced from within or without


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