Untameable Divinity

Sharanya Manivannan

A vivid challenge to typical narratives about women’s suffering, sacrifice and spirituality in Pakistan

Remember Her

Incentives for women self-help groups deliver a big political message

Elif Shafak: ‘I defend a pluralistic, liberal democracy’

Turkish author Elif Shafak tackles difficult subjects, often to the ire of the ruling regime. She tells Rajni George how storytelling can create empathy

She Did It

A series of essays about the life and work of 10 women scientists

Empresses of Maladies

Cancer survivors are chronicling their stories, in books and on social media, with wisdom, courage and humour

The New Word Order

Fan fiction writes another age of female liberation

Undue Process

Karan Oberoi’s arrest shows the danger of automatic assumption of guilt in sexual crimes

No Man’s Track

New rules barring women with high testosterone levels from competing in athletics might impact India too

Sisterhood for Change

Women artists from Arab countries are raising their brushes against the status quo


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