City of Contrasts

Kamini Menon

Creating Kabul from the constellation of powerful stories it holds within

Bengal Noir

Gooptu’s debut novel brings to life the vintage Tollygunge studio

Turns of Fate

Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay writes a surreal novel about a woman’s quest for meaning

The Good Fight

The uphill battle for women's rights

Not In My Name

Vigilantism is not a substitute for justice

Beyond the Scapegoat

Why are crimes against women being avenged by vigilantism and blood thirst?

She and the City

The alleged encounter killing of the four accused in the rape and murder of a veterinarian in Hyderabad may have made heroes of the police. But at the same time, officers in plainclothes are making the city safer for women

Life Is a Forest

Liberated women of the Vedic times

Life, Love and Loss

Ajay Kamalakaran’s novel maps the struggles of a single mother against the strife of Russia

Murder on Her Mind

Jollyamma Joseph, believed to have killed six people over fourteen years in Kerala, is not exceptional


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