Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Shaikh Ayaz

Move over bromance, it’s time for female bonding

The Unknown

Being abstract and absent with Sumana Roy

The Personal as Political

Making a case for the feminist project

I Defied the Couch

There comes a moment in an actor’s life when she has to make a choice: give in or stand up to power. Divya Unny tells her story

Teejan Bai: The Moody Diva

The story of Pandavani exponent Teejan Bai is as captivating as her performance that brings the Mahabharata to life

The Power of a Woman’s Spirit

Man’s strength, the muscular traction, is a pale and paltry thing in comparison

Lipstick Under My Burkha: Waiting to Erupt

We need Lipstick Under My Burkha because the women in the film are us

Lady Haha

Female comics are bringing the house down

The Jeju Jig

The possibilities of this South Korean island range from dormant volcanoes to hologram concerts to the kinkiest of adult parks


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