William Dalrymple

“The longer you live somewhere, the less you see”

Aastha Atray Banan

William Dalrymple on why he will never be able to write City of Djinns again, and on isolating himself in his world of books

An Inconvenient Truth

Mr Dalrymple, why is it so hard to give credit where it is due?

“The piece you ran is blatantly racist”

William Dalrymple takes exception to a piece we ran arguing that India’s life of letters was still beholden to the British.

Keeping the Faiths

A bad review is like a slap on the face, says William Dalrymple on the release of his latest book, Nine Lives

India Untold

Nine Lives is proof that Dalrymple knows this country better than most Indians, but it also displays a creeping complacency in writing about it.


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