Diagnosis of Nipah virus infection in Kerala tougher than in 2018: Expert

Ullekh NP

Unlike last time, when it killed 17 people in the state, this time symptoms are not neurological, but respiratory

H3N2: The Next Scare?

The virus triggers fears of an influenza epidemic

The Overlord

Whether we see viruses as life-threatening or life-affirming, there is a certain elegance in the way they function

Strange Ways to Break the Chain

Can a two-foot limit to Ganapati idols help prevent the third wave in Mumbai?

Hepatitis B and C: A Bigger Killer

How Hepatitis B and C have put 52 million Indian lives at stake

Nipah: A State of Virus

It is yet another season of epidemic scare in Kerala. But Nipah defies medicine

Pirates of the Cyber World

India cannot afford to remain complacent

Enemy of the State

Going viral in India

How Modern Is Cancer?

A new study finds viruses that infect us also afflicted Neanderthals in their time


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