Hepatitis B and C: A Bigger Killer

Moinak Mitra

How Hepatitis B and C have put 52 million Indian lives at stake

Nipah: A State of Virus

It is yet another season of epidemic scare in Kerala. But Nipah defies medicine

Pirates of the Cyber World

India cannot afford to remain complacent

Enemy of the State

Going viral in India

How Modern Is Cancer?

A new study finds viruses that infect us also afflicted Neanderthals in their time

A deadly new virus

There have so far been 50 cases of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus

How a Virus Mothballs

The infected caterpillar is forced upwards onto a tree, where it liquefies and drips down to infect other caterpillars

The Greatest Virus Ever Written

Stuxnet, the rogue programme that scuttled Iran’s nuclear plans


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