Vijay Mallya

A History of Turbulence

Madhavankutty Pillai

India’s most successful investor enters an ultra risky sector by planning an ultra low-cost airline

A Brief History of Greed

In India, this lust seems to have become an epidemic

The Best Way to go Bust in India

Bankruptcy Code: Why every failure deserves a fair shot at survival

IPL 2016: The Day of the Unknown

New players from nowhere are poised to shift the IPL balance of power

Vijay Mallya: The King of Bad Times

What Vijay Mallya shares with RK Pachauri in his present predicament

Rahul Bhatia: High Flier

The man who runs Indigo, India's most successful airline. A portrait

If a Horse Can Fly…

Vijay Mallya still believes Kingfisher Airlines can be revived. Is this just another daydream?

The Art of Borrowing

Vijay Mallya did it and so can you—with some help from bankers and a motley bunch of conspirators in suits

Last Wicket

It is not just about Lalit Modi and some greedy businessmen and politicians. If the IPL mess is not contained quickly, the entire world cricket economy could be staring at disaster.

Anchored to Status

The three things that a yacht offers are: ultra luxury, complete privacy and the thrill of almost walking on water. No wonder the big boys have made it their signature calling card.


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