Vidya Balan

Get the (Dirty) Picture

Aastha Atray Banan

Why the movie matters even though it is far from groundbreaking cinema


The film is gripping enough for you to not realise its plot holes until the credits roll

Minding their Ps and Qs in Kahaani

Making the unit behave itself in a horrifying morgue, enforcing the discipline of working in real locations, and the other prefect duties of director Sujoy Ghosh

The Dirty Picture

Vidya Balan does a great Silk Smitha, but the film robs her role of some of the sheen

Madhur’s Maternity Leave Issues

Madhur’s Maternity Leave Issues • Vidya’s Promising Picture • Suddenly Curvy, Still Unlucky

Everyone Watched Jessica, except…

Everyone Watched Jessica, except... • The Unbeliever • The IT Raid Camaraderie

A Rebuke from Rani

The actress talks about No One Killed Jessica and frets about journalists jumping to conclusions about the real-life inspiration for her TV-anchor role in the movie

Simple to Sexy

Not very long ago, Vidya Balan was overweight and old-fashioned. But somehow, she returned from the verge of self-destruction stronger and hotter.


The plot makes no sense whatsoever, but the conversation between the two crooks of eastern UP is to die for.


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