Student Supplicant Politician Statesman

Roderick Matthews

London played both active and passive roles in Gandhi’s life. It was where he became a man and a lawyer, and where he first played high-stakes politics. British law shaped him; the orderly part of his system was based squarely on the idea of staying within the law, and expecting your opponents to do the same

The Efficiency Factor

Why the Akshaya Patra midday meal debate is not a veg versus non-veg one

Alain Passard: In His Elements

For Alain Passard, it is all about earth and water, air and fire. The iconic French chef talks about his culinary journey in a conversation with Nandini Nair

A Conspiracy of Veggies

Air India, bring back meat or stop serving food on your flights altogether

Open Diary

The beef divide, Parliamentary sessions and perceptions of India

Non-Veg Food for Thought

The probable chain from cow protection to vegetarianism

The Disputed Ancestry of Taste

Who will choose the winner in vegetables versus meat?

Vedic Food for Thought

Eating red meat and reading the Bhagavat Gita

Going Beetroot

Not feeling fruity? Go veg out


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