The Futile Seat

Harsh V Pant

Modi should not waste his time on the UN

‘A Radical Change Is Needed’

Professor Le Quéré believes it is time for society as a whole to act

Pot Needs to Call the Kettle Black

India needs to strengthen the UN’s hand in censuring Sri Lanka. But that requires facing up to its own human rights record

The Whistleblower

Some great performances mark this drama on UN complicity in human trafficking

UN Security Council

The Security Council is a mix of class monitor, benevolent bhai and family elder

Geography Lesson under an Aerostat

The Commonwealth Games are a time for new acquaintances—like, countries you didn’t know.

Makeover Man

The suit is out. Dhoti in. English out, Malayalam in. Former UN bureaucrat and Congress candidate Shashi Tharoor is a changed man. But will that take him where he wants to go?


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