Heads of States as Arms Peddlers

Mihir Srivastava

The UK’s churlish reaction to India’s order of Rafale jets shows how prime ministers and presidents are increasingly behaving like salesmen rather than statesmen

Ecstasy and Agony

The author visits pubs at Oxford to catch the euphoria and the heartbreak of the English football-crazy fan.

Medicine’s not Enough to Save a Doctor’s Life

A group in the UK is helping ethnic minority doctors fight against the prejudices and inequities they face.

Racist Recruit

Rajinder Singh is a retired school teacher who migrated to the UK in 1967 and ironically started supporting a party that demanded the forcible repatriation of all non-Europeans. Now, he is about to go down in history as the first non-White mascot of the British National Party.

How the Waste Was Shunned

An ambitious project by artist Michael Landy in the UK invites artists to dump their ‘failures’ in a giant waste bin.

Till Taxes Do Us Part

Tax incentives for marriage are witnessing a big political wrangle in the UK, with the Conservatives convinced that bad fiscal policies for married couples are to blame for Britain’s ‘broken society’.

The Empire Stamps Back

The UK’s Royal Mail has unveiled its collection of stamps and mementos in India to the delight of Indian collectors

Eye of the Storm

The Prime Minister of the UK is one-eyed, and the other eye is deteriorating. But neither he nor the Opposition thinks it reason enough for him to step down.

Brown vs Cameron

As Britons bay for an early election, Britain will witness that irrepressible phenomenon of a presidential style clash of personalities

Battle Cry

Gordon Brown tastes ‘defeat’ as Gurkha soldiers and veterans fight for a right to settle in the country they defend


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