Moksha In Skanda Vale

Omkar Khandekar

Cycling to a Hindu commune in the Welsh countryside

Such A Savage Beauty

From Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon, seven days in seven of America’s mountain states

The Bamboo Romance

The magic of being miserable in the Northeast

Dholavira: Bricks of our Ancestors

Visit this Harappan site to marvel at the ancient civilisation’s quest for perfection

Travels in hyper-reality

As humans, we are wired to be restless, to succumb to wanderlust, to struggle with Fernweh (far-sickness) as opposed to Heimweh (homesickness)


Madhavankutty Pillai • V Shoba • Lhendup G Bhutia • Shubhangi Swarup • Rishad Saam Mehta • Rajni George • Haima Deshpande • Sneha Bhura

The Road to Somewhere

Whether you want to hear the cracking of glaciers or have lions look through your car window, one of these could be the road trip of a lifetime

A Higher Place

Kodaikanal and the enlivening languid pace of hill stations

On the Wings of Happiness in Bhutan

In search of black-necked cranes

The Pleasures of Being at Sea

The hidden enchantment of Bekal Fort


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