Roth Unbound

Sudeep Paul

Remembering an American master on the anniversary of his death—and the biography that boomeranged

The Double Tragedy of Palestine

Has the progressive consensus on victimhood become an apologia for the theocratic struggle of Hamas?

Grief and the Limits of Rage

The story of suffering and bereavement is larger than the literature of blame

King Lear in India

Everyone is a villain in this novel adaptation

Mumbai Notebook

The Elphinstone Road horror

Being Mortal

Sheryl Sandberg’s guide on coping with loss and how to be a better friend

Lessons Unlearnt

The Uphaar tragedy highlights the Indian habit of regularising exceptional illegality

Karan Mahajan: A Case of Exploding Metaphors

The Delhi-born, US-based writer's new novel captures the terror and tragedy of our time

Betrayed in the City

Telangana and the tragedy of Hyderabad

Navel Gazing Nation

Taking one’s neighbours seriously is the first step for any country aspiring to a seat at the international high table


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