Catch a Tiger by Its Tale

Mihir Srivastava

Of Naresh and other famous Indian striped cats

The Nonsense of No-Go Zones

Why the Supreme Court’s ban on tourists in core areas of tiger reserves is bad news for the species

The Male Tiger Mom

The curious case of a tiger mothering a couple of cubs in India’s premier tiger reserve

Tiger Darshan

And why, once it’s done, little else matters

How They Count Our Tigers

How dubious science and faulty equipment created a far-fetched feel-good number. And how the World Bank is back to dominate India’s tiger agenda within three years of a PMO snub

Dispatched to Die

The latest death of a translocated tiger reiterates how Sariska continues to stand for everything that could have gone wrong with conservation in India.

Killing Them with Kindness

Animal welfare is not conservation. That is why our emotional meddling, however well intentioned, poses a menace to wildlife

Killing Panna’s Poster Cubs

Exposed: a monitoring team kept Panna’s only male from his cubs for four months after birth.

Relocation Rumpus

Barring a few exceptions, the mandate and money meant to free the country’s finest tiger forests of human settlements is going waste in the absence of practical, transparent and sensitive groundwork.

Bypassing Consensus

The consensus is for an alternative alignment and restricted use of an existing road. No one agrees with the NHAI’s plan for underpasses.


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