Wilbur Smith (1933-2021): The Last Adventurer

Lhendup G Bhutia

His thrillers stretch across the exotic Savannah

The Darkest House

The thriller Girl A chronicles the aftermath of horrors and the resilience of teenagers. Abigail Dean talks to Nandini Nair about her bestselling debut

Back to Badaun

Sonia Faleiro’s true crime reads like a thriller and tells of north India’s many faultlines

The Novel Virus

Lawrence Wright’s new thriller shows with chilling prescience how the world will reckon with a pandemic

Capital Saga

Deepa Anappara’s debut novel, set in a slum in metropolitan India, has the pace of a thriller and the heart of a children’s tale

47 Meters down: Uncaged Movie Review

It is a very average horror flick, and the scares are limited

The Mythmaker

A spy thriller travels back in time with elan

Triple Deception

Masters of the genre tell tales of espionage and revenge

Open Diary

The legacy of John Le Carre and the life of a political activist

Dobaara: See Your Evil Movie Review

The movie is akin to watching a Stage Company in India churn out a replica of the latest successful play in London


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