Ajit Duara

There is no original thought in Kamal Haasan’s film on post-9/11 extremism

Headley’s Mark

Rahul Bhatt’s stranger-than-fiction friendship with a terrorist

Terrorism’s New Face Could Be Green

The militant green across the globe are getting desperate and crackdowns by law enforcement on their acts of ‘ecotage’ are getting brutal. The battle lines are drawn

The Matrix Reloaded

Three years after the Mumbai attacks of 26/11, India’s response to terror remains unchanged

Ways of Seeing

One person’s terrorist is another’s martyr and somebody else’s son who could do no wrong

The Injured Are Everywhere

As we come under attack, yet again, what do our reactions say about us?

Besieged, Not Fallen

Questions on Pakistan’s intent to fight terror and fulfil its international obligations are legitimate, but they assume a State in complete control. It is not

Losing the Idea of India

Sometimes alienation can be addressed the usual way. Sometimes not. In this rather special case, maybe it’s time to begin all over again: by listening

The Scare of a Red October

They are on the prowl along J&K’s dividing line. Hardcore Lashkar militants lie in wait for a chance to sneak in and wreak havoc in Delhi during the Commonwealth Games this autumn.

Kashmir’s Ghost Terrorist

One man’s life in the Valley suggests how terror attacks have become a commercial proposition for local trouble makers looking for a quick buck.


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