Kashmir’s New Insurgency

Rahul Pandita

Why security forces may find it hard to stop minority killings

Swami Aseemanand: Myth of the Monk Who Preached Terror

Swami Aseemanand’s acquittal brings to an end the cries over saffron jihad

A Montage Made in Memory

Poetics of a future in the fragmentary experiences of freedom and terror

The Name that Spells Terror

The usual suspects of just about every terror attack in India have one thing in common: the name Bhatkal

On the First Night, Resignation

“I have seen so much, I want to cry,” a storekeeper said from behind the metal barrier he’d pulled down after the blast

No City for Young Women

Delhi as India’s ‘rape capital’ is a sensational label that rings true for reasons both heinous and heartless. One woman’s effort to understand why so little is ever done about it

You Are No Safer for This Verdict

The judge has spoken. Ajmal Kasab is guilty. Our Home Minister has declared that this is a message to Pakistan and a victory for India. Is it, really? Not a chance.

The Other Shooters

A tribute to some extraordinary photojournalists who brought us the first images of the terrorists—images we will never forget.

Leap of Faith

To look to Islam for answers to why Pakistan’s dispossessed, brainwashed militants are carrying on in the name of religion is to fall for the greatest red herring of this age.


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