Tale of Two Fans

Deepika Sharma

Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open in a historic final. But Federer versus Nadal was still the match to watch. Two diehards present their account of the tense afternoon

Heir Apparent

Novak Djokovic is throwing a serious challenge to not just his two greatest court adversaries but also tennis historians and writers trying to assess his place in the game’s Hall of Fame

Somdev’s Lonely Struggle

At No. 70 in the world rankings, he is not exactly a hero. But it took something near heroic to get even here

Fighter Federer, Shanker Federer

The not so obvious things about Roger Federer

Game, Set and Match Nadal?

So, Roger Federer figured out Rafael Nadal at the recent ATP Championships. But the Spaniard still deserves to be called the greatest ever. Now, bring on the rotten tomatoes

Smashed Hard

Andre Agassi casts out the demons of his past by writing about his cursed tryst with the sport that made him an icon.

The Ghost of a Lost Final

In 1974, India reached the final of the Davis Cup. But the Government forced the team to boycott the match as the host, South Africa, was under apartheid rule. The players are still not sure if it was the right decision. Also, they reveal old grouses against the Amritraj brothers

Somdev’s Tussle with History

Somdev Devvarman, India’s Davis Cup hero, was US college circuit champion two years in a row. Though these winners haven’t done too well on the pro circuit, he has the heart to buck the trend

Moral of the Federer Story

The misfortune of those who do not follow the tennis of our times is that they are missing a unique form of literature, a one-man art, and a genius as rare as an asteroid strike


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