Sermon In the Sands

Manvendra Singh

A visit to a curious shrine in Rajasthan that straddles culture and memory

Silence by Example

The policy against noise in public areas is not just about mosques

Aurangzeb’s Reign in the Light of His Own Orders

Aurangzeb’s reign in the light of his own orders

A Convenient Secularism

On the toning down of loudspeakers in mosques

Testing Faith

Ramzan, Navratri and the conditions of a pandemic

Truth and Faith

The Places of Worship Act stands in the way of reclamation of religious sites of one community allegedly occupied by another. Its constitutional validity was waiting to be challenged

Holy Smoke and Mirrors

Is the politicisation of recent thefts and vandalism in Andhra Pradesh’s temples the beginning of a communal schism?

The Valley of Abandoned Gods

The Junior Union Home Minister Kishan Reddy said the Government would restore and reopen thousands of vandalised temples in Jammu and Kashmir. Will there be a revival of the Hindu heritage in the Valley soon?

Lekshmy Rajeev: ‘Local religious rituals were crushed by Brahmins in Sabarimala’

Lekshmy Rajeev, the author of Attukal Amma: The Goddess of Millions, in conversation with Executive Editor Ullekh NP


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