Steve Jobs

Family Therapy

Devapriya Roy

Steve Jobs’ daughter wrests control from her famous father and heals a complex relationship

Elon Musk as Steve Jobs of the Space Age

All in all, the Model 3 is Musk’s best chance yet to do an Apple on us

Steve Jobs, the Enigma

This book offers multiple ways of looking at Apple’s charismatic creator. Of these, expect the appreciative to outlast the gossipy

Steve Jobs and the Sign of a Genius

As AdAsia 2011 gets underway in Delhi next week, it is not awfully hard to guess who will be the star of the gabfest: Steve Jobs

Situation Vacant

There’s a job going at Apple Inc. Not the one its maverick co-founder just relinquished in favour of new CEO Tim Cook, the other one that involved second-guessing the consumer. Anyone?


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