The Spy Who Came From the Cold

Hormis Tharakan

The story of Bhagat Ram Talwar is a valuable addition to the literature on intelligence operations

Blood on the Border

A new crop of writers are adapting the the tried-and-tested spy thriller to an Indian context, for an Indian readership, with a familiar villain

Ek Tha Tiger

Believe it or not, Salman Khan underplays his role in this hugely entertaining film

In the Enemy’s Mind

During the Cold War, Edwin C May ran a secret psychic spying programme, known as Star Gate, for the US government. He recounts the project’s successes, as he sees them

A Spy in Pakistan

After 27 years in Pakistan prisons, Gopal Dass got a hero’s welcome when he returned last week to his village in Punjab. He was on a spying mission for India when he was arrested near Sialkot in 1984. Hard as they come, Gopal Dass tells his story.


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