Soviet Union

Stalin as Metaphor

Ullekh NP

CP Surendran marshals powerful characters to link the old and the new

A Note-Taker’s Afghan Moments

Close encounters from the Soviet occupation to the rise of the Taliban

Best of 2020 Books: Non-Fiction: Our Maladies

The Hidden Hand | The Story of China | The Ratline |Agent Sonya | The Habsburgs | The Nine Lives of Pakistan

Anti-Wealth Politics

The admonishers of ‘pro-industrialist’ Modi are borrowing from the hoary history of socialist India

The Redundancy of Che Guevara

The revolutionary has lost everything but the T-shirt

The Temptations and Tantalisations of Politics

Politics today, as a genre in creativity, is as good as the original works in other realms of the human mind, be it fiction or philosophy

The Fall of the Soviet Union: Monologues from Below

A Nobel Laureate chronicles the fall of the Soviet Union

Sitaram Yechury and the last ghost story

Make CPM a social democratic party or dump it for the sake of political hygiene

1989: Between History and Memory

The threat today is no longer from the comic strip communism of Pyongyang. It is the ex-communist as an aggrieved nationalist, or the pinstriped communist as a Confucian capitalist, who challenges the world


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