South India

Lost in the South

Nanditha Krishna

Charles Allen’s south Indian journey misses many historical moments

Cholan Glory

Reinventing an ancient era with all its cultural diversity

Tyagaraja: The Highest Guru

The impact of Tyagaraja on Carnatic music remains unparallelled even 250 years after the composer’s birth

A Coffee Break in Tradition

A retro coffee house in Chennai as a cultural statement

Sanjay Subrahmanyan: Improv Maestro

To hear this Carnatic vocalist once is to be converted for life

In Search of Muziris

Travelling back in time for a Roman holiday in Kerala

Mahendra’s Magic

The Mahabalipuram rock reliefs and sculptures are extraordinary creations by the third monarch of the Pallava dynasty, and in these masterpieces merge the sensuous and the satirical, the human and the divine in timeless harmony

You are the way you cook

If north and south Indians share a similar genetic structure and perhaps a ‘common origin’ in the Harappan civilisation, then what has given birth to the different techniques of cooking?


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