South India

The Language of a Simulated Storm

Siddharth Singh

The national language deserves better instead of the periodic barbs of its alleged imposition

Sculptural Fictions

A meditation on Mahabalipuram

The Tamil Mind

A cultural study extending from Periyar to Cho

S Rajam: The Complete Aesthete

Remembering S Rajam the master minimalist

God of the Year: Ayyappa – A Life

The evolution of the deity at Sabarimala

South Side Saga

Travelling across cultures and geography

The Untold History of Hampi

The footprints of Hindu-Muslim hybridity defy the received wisdom on the fall of Vijayanagara

The Genetic History of Indians: Are We What We Think We Are?

Fresh research on the genetic history of Indians revives the Aryan migration theory

Sour South: Is there a bias?

Most southern states are up in arms against the disadvantage they fear they might suffer if the Central pool of tax funds is shared the way they suspect New Delhi wants. Their complaint is that they are being penalised for their good performance. Is there an anti-south bias?


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