South India

Hindutva with a Difference

Makarand R Paranjape

How BJP can cross the cultural and ideological barriers in the south

Calling the Shots

Grabbing attention and coveted roles, women actors from the South are creating a national niche of their own

A Benighted Presidency?

The daring struggle for freedom in the south has long been neglected

Who’s Afraid of Hindi?

The national education policy and political opposition to BJP add a new twist to an old debate

Power and Religion

The complex evolution of cultures and societies in the Deccan

It’s God’s Gold, Sorry

No government has the right to take away what’s given to the deity

Kanchipuram: The City of a Thousand Temples

Why Kanchipuram deserves World Heritage status

The Language of a Simulated Storm

The national language deserves better instead of the periodic barbs of its alleged imposition

Sculptural Fictions

A meditation on Mahabalipuram

The Tamil Mind

A cultural study extending from Periyar to Cho


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