South India

Kanchipuram: The City of a Thousand Temples

Nanditha Krishna

Why Kanchipuram deserves World Heritage status

The Language of a Simulated Storm

The national language deserves better instead of the periodic barbs of its alleged imposition

Sculptural Fictions

A meditation on Mahabalipuram

The Tamil Mind

A cultural study extending from Periyar to Cho

S Rajam: The Complete Aesthete

Remembering S Rajam the master minimalist

God of the Year: Ayyappa – A Life

The evolution of the deity at Sabarimala

South Side Saga

Travelling across cultures and geography

The Untold History of Hampi

The footprints of Hindu-Muslim hybridity defy the received wisdom on the fall of Vijayanagara

The Genetic History of Indians: Are We What We Think We Are?

Fresh research on the genetic history of Indians revives the Aryan migration theory


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