Sonia Gandhi

Ahmed Patel: Man on the Brink

PR Ramesh

For over a decade, as the conscience keeper of 10 Janpath, Ahmed Patel was the most powerful non-Gandhi in India. The master of the Congress party’s dark arts faces his darkest moment today

Back to Mother

Sonia Gandhi returns to the daily management of a party that is too sick to be revived by her son

Enter Priyanka

A desperate Congress in search of life-saving mystique

PV Narasimha Rao: The Saga of the Southerner

An anecdotal portrait of the PV Narasimha Rao you may not know

His Master’s Lost Voice

The vanishing idea of the supreme leader in a party without a plot

A Crisis Called Rahul

The Congress faces its biggest existential question

Being a Gandhi in the Time of Modi

India has changed but it is a change that Sonia Gandhi is ill-equipped to cope with and Rahul Gandhi is incapable of comprehending

An Object of Derision

Tavleen Singh in her new book should have allowed a bit of sunlight between perception and reality

Uttarakhand: The Hills Have Eyes

Lessons for Congress from Uttarakhand

Rahul Gandhi Rebooted

Back with a new vigour in his voice, he seems ready for a riveting fight in Parliament


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