Shiv Sena

Rifts in Sena, Drift on Hindutva spark Maharashtra Crisis

Rajeev Deshpande

The decisions of Sena MLAs to bolt en masse have sealed the fate of the Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi government -- irrespective of whether it hangs on a little longer

The Son’s Rise

Uddhav Thackeray’s unexpected survival and success


A strange phrase to use

The Rise of Rashmi Thackeray

The power beside the throne

Powerless in Mumbai

The perpetual identity crisis of Raj Thackeray

How to Not Let Go

All that Devendra Fadnavis had to do was be patient and the rest would be history

Sharad Pawar: The Grand Maratha

Written off two months ago, he has again emerged as Maharashtra’s most powerful politician

Will the Maha Alliance Last?

With the immediate threat of the BJP now gone, will they be able to band together for a full five years?

Shiv Sena’s Last Stand

Uddhav Thackeray turned the party genteel but in the process deprived it of the aggression that fuelled its growth. The price of his chief ministership is being hostage to old family friend Sharad Pawar

Fadnavis 2.0

The Maharashtra Chief Minister moved from a little known MLA to the state’s tallest leader in five years. What awaits him in his second term?


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