SH Raza

The Progressive in Paris

Yashodhara Dalmia

The pleasures and pains SH Raza faced while in Europe

BV Doshi: The Highest Guru of Urban Design

For BV Doshi, the architect must be alert to the needs of the future inhabitants

SH Raza: Back to the Bindu

Time-travelling with Raza

Brij Mohan Anand: A Maverick’s Metaphors

A monograph of Brij Mohan Anand throws light on India’s history seen from a communist perspective

India Art Fair 2016: Subcontinental Drift

With its special spotlight on South Asia, India Art Fair 2016 promises works from India’s immediate neighbourhood

The Last of the Masters

Raza, who still paints at the age of 91, talks about the debilitating effects of age on a painter

The Curator Must Play Critic

How large and comprehensive should a retrospective be? Three current shows, on the works of KK Hebbar, Krishna Reddy and SH Raza, offer answers


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