A Desire for Celibacy

Charu Bahri

She doesn’t live the life of a cloistered nun, but renunciation of sex was key to the spiritual journey she embarked upon in her late teens.

The Relationship Mall

Welcome to the modern era of social interaction. Take your pick of ‘friend with benefits’, ‘fuck buddy’, ‘office spouse’, ‘liberated friend’...

The Love of Lust

The so-called sexual revolution has created a generation of braggarts who love to flaunt their sexual prowess. Flip the coin, and what you see is a society of men and women anxious not to be seen as sexual have-nots.

Between the Bat and the Balls

Upton’s dossier to the Indian cricket team is not going to make them promiscuous—they always were. It will only lend itself to some cheap double entendres.

I Can’t Think Straight

Except for the great kissing scenes, this ‘coming out’ movie takes too straight a turn.

Teen Love

Today, romance is a preoccupation with urban teenagers who are not yet 14. They must survive this minefield without deep wounds. How much can parents do?

I am the Very Beautiful

An unexpected insight into how love finds its way around seemingly irreconciliable differences

Marching with Pride in Chennai

Chennai, considered by many to be a very conservative city, saw its first gay pride parade on 28 June

New Age Parlour Games

Here’s a salon for transsexuals that offers them beauty services, advice, gossip, camaraderie and the space to be themselves


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