sexual harassment

Open Diary

Swapan Dasgupta

The impact of the MeToo campaign


MeToo comes to India and the secret of a former UPA minister

Nun The Less

In a historic show of solidarity, a group of nuns in Kerala has forced the church and the state to finally act against a bishop who had allegedly raped one of them. V Shoba in Kochi listens to the sisters who dared

A Prayer for My Sister

She lives in a cloistered world of silence and submission. Endurance is her supreme prayer. She is out there on the street today, demanding justice for the one who has allegedly been raped by a bishop. Pitted against a patriarchal church and an indifferent state, a nun’s life is a lone battle. And it all returns to her body

Women in the Cause of Men in Distress

The growing men’s rights movement in India gets more members from the opposite sex


Recently the Vadodara police arrested seven men for raping a newly married woman. They soon realised something startling—these regular householders had systematically targeted and raped eight women over one year

Sexual harassment charges against RK Pachauri

He reportedly sent WhatsApp messages, texts and emails which suggested persistent sexual advances

The Woman Who Took on an Institution

Rina Mukherji fought a sexual harassment case against her erstwhile employer The Statesman for ten years, facing delays and defamation suits, until she finally saw a favourable judgment last year


Shockingly, this film seems to endorse stalking and sexual harassment

Your dignity is above all else

Aparna Popat, the Olympian and nine-time National badminton champ, makes a warts-and-all assessment of an Indian sportswoman’s life.


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