Mind Your Speech

Malavika Rajkumar

How governments across time have used sedition to suppress freedom

Bisauli: A Place for Sedition

In this town, they support Pakistan and their numbers worry Hindu activists

JNU: The Last Outpost

A portrait of JNU where revolution still rages in the minds of the street-fighting class

JNU and the Price of Sedition

The dangers of making seditionists out of comic-strip revolutionaries

The Sin of Binayak Sen

The sentencing of Binayak Sen by the Raipur Sessions Court is a measure of the Chhattisgarh government’s desperation to finesse its record of human rights violations

‘Sedition’ as Tyranny

Dr Rati Rao, vice-president of the People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Karnataka, received a police notice on 26 February informing her that a case of sedition (Section 124-A) had been registered against her for publishing a bulletin that the complaint alleged was ‘favouring Naxals and Muslims’ and ‘propagating that the police are killing innocent people in the name of encounters’. She spent the next nine months realising how the State had exacted its punishment, even though no chargesheet was filed against her.

The Usual Suspects and Then Some

The Indian Penal Code’s provisions on sedition apply to Arundhati Roy no more than they do to those who perpetuate bad governance.


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