The Republic of Rage

Suhel Seth

India needs to laugh a little and bring satire back

How Covid-19 is stirring up Kerala’s obsession with political satire

Social media is the new home of creative political campaigns of all kinds

Trauma in Red Tape

A physician-scientist writes a social satire plus supernatural drama set in an unnamed Indian village

A Note of Dissent

Where politics is a theatre of the absurd

Daniel Langthasa: Songs of the Subversive

Daniel Langthasa is always angry. He tells Akhil Sood why

Cartoons by the Colonised

The pre-Independence Parsee Punch offers political comment and gently subversive humour

Death of the Political Cartoon

Among those who killed it are cartoonists themselves


Nana Patekar and Shahid Kapur have been turned into spineless supporting actors in this asinine film.

Quick Gun Murugun

The crusader of the dosa is back. And mind it, you will not have tasted a chutney mix like this before

Attack of the Clones

Your correspondent catches Varun Gandhi in an awkward moment to get a hang of what’s really going on in the young politician’s head


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