Salman Khan

Salt in Shahid’s Wounds

Rajeev Masand

Kartik Aaryan was photographed leaving Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s office. And tabloids have gone into overdrive...

Star Trading

Aamir’s U-Turn and Carping about Love

Why Bhansali Actually Dumped Salman

Janhvi’s Dream | Political Favourite

Sanjay Leela

The size of his ego proportionate to the size of his chest, Salman Khan refused to call the director to work out a truce

Being Salman

With a Heavy Heart | Cast Down

The Charmer

Five figures who have shaped the last decade in Bollywood

Bharat Movie Review

In short, ‘Bharat’ is no masterpiece, but it is that rare thing, a film that bonds a family with a nation, and does it with affection

More Proof Than Needed

Don Still in Hiding | The Circle of Bollywood

A Lady for Salman

No Screen Coupling Yet | Everybody Knows Except...


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