Salman Khan

The Salman Raj

Rajeev Masand

The Salman Raj • Role Call for Ranbir’s Girls • Madame Rudraksh

Everyone Watched Jessica, except…

Everyone Watched Jessica, except... • The Unbeliever • The IT Raid Camaraderie

The Backstage Diaries

The Backstage Diaries • The Sky-high Snub • Longing for Lunch


Unlike a typical Salman Khan movie, this has got a plot, a well-behaved hero, and even a script.

Salman Khan has a Cold

He’s moody. He ditches. He can destroy careers. So what is it about Salman Khan that makes him so endearing?


Forget the historical inaccuracies, this film is nothing but sound and fury and terrible dialogues.


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