Sachin Tendulkar

The Man, the Mind and the Game

Mini Kapoor

Here is a cricketer who was too young to consume the bottle of champagne he received upon winning his first man-of-the-match honour. The legend of Sachin Tendulkar in his own words

The day he was God with a bat of clay

From an India of mediocre cricket writing comes a minor classic on Sachin Tendulkar’s inglorious Final Test

The End

Notes from a swansong

The Invisible Tendulkar

What you didn’t quite see when you watched him for 24 years

What Next, Sachin?

Taking guard for a life away from the field

A God’s Slow Descent to Earth

Why Sharad Pawar’s repeated use of his name should get Sachin Tendulkar’s guard up

The Ala Re Sachin

Just how Maharashtrian is Tendulkar?

Just Move on, for Sach Is Life

If he does not retire after his 200th Test, Tendulkar is in for a hard time

Life of Sachin

The cricketing Pi has reached ashore


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