The Smart Money Bet

Aresh Shirali

The RBI as an inflation buster could mark a new era for the rupee

Four Bonds, a Numeral and Common Sense

The masala bonds to be traded on the LSE are a timely idea, but for these to acquire a reputation for safety, global investors would need to be assured of the rupee’s stability

The Wonders and Woes of Foreign Funds

Foreign loans could prove hard to pay back if the rupee crashes

The Imperative of Economic Expansion

The ongoing crisis of the economy demands clarity and not howls and shrieks

The RBI’s Overnight Surgical Strike

It may retard an economic recovery, but halting currency speculation is critical too

Chidambaram’s Hard Rupee Gambit

A strong currency is the focus of the Finance Minister’s plan to stabilise the economy rightaway

Yellow Metal Turns Pale

Gold prices had been rising on the expectation that the US Federal Reserve will print more money (and thus devalue the dollar)

The Rupee Turmoil

The rupee is Asia’s worst performer this year, having tumbled by 15 per cent. There are domestic reasons for it too

Business Briefing 10/10

The super rupee; LN Mittal's India land woes


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